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Nice to meet you.
The Jolà Emotional Cuisine restaurant, in the context of the J44 Lifestyle Hotel, opens its doors to overturn your culinary habits, accompanying you towards unusual tastes.


Jolà has an important goal: to propose something new and overwhelming in Jesolo. We have always continued to study the product, the trends and the interest for the raw material and the international experiences. All these studies will make you say “this is not just a restaurant but is a summary of the place where I am”. The essential paper is a precious territory offer: an accurate selection of combinations to taste, that chases all the different seasons. This cuisine is curious, authentic and embraces the fusion art.

Food Philosophy

Jolà creates his dishes with high quality and seasonal ingredients, colors and customs that respect the traditions to show us distant horizons.
Everything is in order to exalt the raw materials.


A customized 4 - course menu revealing our identity and respect for the raw products we use. A proposal arising from Chef Sander Wildenberg creative inspiration.

A choice that captures the essence in a menu: a five course menu that combines local flavours and perfumes with international influences. A first approach to our cuisine, a pleasant new experience.

A well - rounded gourmet dining journey with the ambition of drawing you into our culinary philosophy. A tour capturing what the region, the sea, the inland, and lagoon has to offer - to enjoy slowly and gradually, savouring every connection between the unusual ingredients.

Jolà People

The people that work inside Jolà make the purpose interesting. Everyone has their own story to tell and they do this through their dishes. Any skills, any awareness and any international past experience is transmitted in the dishes. A united team by passion for the kitchen, to share with you an experience.

Custom Events

Jolà is a perfect mix between high quality ingredients, chef innovative interpretation and the liberty to create a tailor-made experience.