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Contemporary. Cosmopolitan. Contaminated.
At J44 we love the freedom to choose, to change, to evolve.
And freedom is what we offer to our dear guests.


J44 is the first lifestyle hotel in Jesolo. An irreverent interpretation of new luxury that sets new trends. J44 is a cool context, a surprising leader with a strong personality.


Personality is our business card. We have clear ideas about who we are and what we want to offer, but we are always open to change.
We like people with all their personalities, because there is never just one way of being or looking.


At J44, time has the rhythm of our guests. Schedules no longer exist and you can feel free to enjoy your days. We have created situations and rhythms that praise laziness: breakfast, lunch and dinner are always ready to delight our guests.


Being a Lifestyle Hotel with a strong Urban vocation allows our guests to feel here as if they were anywhere in the world, the place to go for the experiences that can be had here.
Being Urban in Jesolo is an element of great distinction, an ideological oxymoron that projects the mind into a freedom of style and attitudes that is the real added value of J44.


We are local with an international vision: characterizes us the love and the great knowledge of the place where we live. We want to transmit a positive and fascinating vision of the places where we are located, suggesting to our guests the places and the unmissable appointments that our territory has in store for them.